Back to the Future! Planning 2021 with Lessons Learned from 2020


Join Bryan McWhorter as we dive into key learning points 2020 taught that we must use in 2021.

•Pandemics 101- Prepare or repair. Safety programs are proactive or reactive. For many of us, Covid-19 proved we were not proactive enough. Our score card for covid-19 response and prevention.

•Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. What did 2020 reveal about health and safety and how do we use this experience to become more resilient?

•Chain of Events – We are all connected. Stub your pinky toe and your whole-body hurts. Good and bad events that impact parts of our community ripple through all of our community.

•Antifragile – Using what we learned to make safety, health and wellbeing better than ever. Strength comes through adversity and 2020 was chalk full of adversity.

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Bryan McWhorter

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