Controlling Risk Factors at Work

Thurs., Jan 28, 2021 1PM EST

We will review how to identify and mitigate potential losses and devises strategies to reduce or terminate the losses.

Every project has issues. Issues are threats to a project that have materialized, and they can drain a project team of needed energy and time. Experience has shown us that proactive management of project risk can reduce the incidence and severity of issues by up to 90%.

Every project has opportunities. When found, opportunities can lead us to lower cost, savings in time, higher quality, and a happier outcome. The advantages of proactive management of risk are enormous.

During this Webinar, Malcolm Jacobs will describe how to control risk in the workplace: 

Define Risk

  • Provide an understanding of risk assessment
  • An understanding of the difference between risk vs. hazard
  • Risk’s dual nature: negative and positive
  • Developing a Risk Management Plan

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About our Speaker

Malcolm Jacobs is a dual graduate degree manager, with Master’s in Business Administration concentrated in Strategic Management in Operations and a Master’s in Safety Security and Emergency Management with certifications in Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Construction safety, his undergraduate studies are in Work Force Education and Curriculum Development with a concentration in Health and Safety.

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