Culture is an ‘invisible power’ in the organization, that drives, influences, and guides the behaviors of all members of that business. It lives in the perceptions of people, or in simpler terms, in what they ‘believe is the right thing to do’ – where the ‘right thing’ is open to many interpretations.

The ‘right thing’ is mostly defined by management, the leaders, and they translate the requirements for this to everyone else. They design processes to ensure it happens as wanted, they tell everyone what to do - and then they measure whether it has happened.

But then it all goes off the rails!

The message is either misunderstood, or deliberately distorted because it does not suit people lower down the line – especially the middle managers and the supervisors. They have ‘designed’ their work practices over a long time, to minimize effort and maximize outcomes.

Now management want to see more of different efforts, because ‘they’ believe it will create more or better outcomes…but how do they know, how could they know? They don’t know…


  • What is culture and how do you measure it?
  • What is ‘safe’ and how do you measure this?
  • What does a ‘deepsafe’ look like?
  • Creating a new power in your company…

About our Speaker

Corrie Pitzer is the CEO and founder of Safemap International, a company

specializing in the psychology of risk. He consults internationally to many

corporations in mining, utilities, military defense and construction, all with

occupations in which people can be seriously injured, or killed in their work…

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