New Year, New Safety Goals: Contractor Management in 2021

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With a new year comes new safety goals for every business. Contractors, suppliers and vendors play a crucial role in your supply chain and should be considered when planning your new safety initiatives.

Join Mark Bania (Co-Founder & CEO of Contractor Compliance) for an interactive and informative webinar about contractor management where we will discuss key learnings from 2020 and how to apply them to your company’s goals for 2021.

Some topics will include:

  • Automation. How to accomplish more, in less time.
  • Risk Mitigation Best Practices. How to ensure that you are checking key boxes to mitigate third party risk.
  • Contractor Experience. How to strengthen contractor relationships when engaging in risk mitigation strategies.
  • Best practices for managing contractor, vendor and supplier compliance.
  • What companies have learned about their safety process during COVID-19.

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About the Presenter

Mark Bania

Mark is the Co-Founder and CEO at Contractor Compliance. Mark has over 10 years of progressive experience with SaaS organizations spanning multiple industries. He is responsible for implementing the strategic vision of Contractor Compliance globally. 

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